Fire & a Prayer

by Binaural Voodoo

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This recording is BINAURAL and Requires Headphones. Studio Voodoo is THE ULTIMATE SURROUND EXPERIENCE and the binaural experience requires no special equipment besides stereo headphones. The simplest ear-buds and iPod and you are IN-The-Mix.


released February 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Binaural Voodoo Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Voodoomama
When you look in the Mirror
I know what you see
Someone else in that mirror
And she looks a lot like me

Its strange, its so strange

Voodoo mama, I’m bewitched

When you look in the future
I know what you see
Desire passion and rapture
I know you see yourself with me

Voodoo mamas got you witched
I’ve got your inside out switched
Voodoo mama I’m bewitched

Lyrics - G. Mraz
Composed - Mraz/Price
Mixed - G. Mraz
Vocals - Rene Lisky
Track Name: Studio Voodoo - Hard Black Shell
Its safe inside, secure
A hard black shell
Shields me from the world

Soft leatherette
She’s supple yet firm
Warm and wet

Champagne, cold chrome
Sip away the pain
This is my home

Faces and places blur
Life speeds away
An expensive price to pay

I see all yet remain unseen
Safe inside a black limousine

All the things that I dream
Live inside this black limousine

Am I alive, it’s hard to tell
When I’m inside a hard black shell
Track Name: Studio Voodoo - Lost Girls
At seventeen you learn the truth
Everyone had lied to you

No perfect happy family
Like in the movies and TV

When the rains came falling down
You had to move to higher ground the little girl inside had lost her way

Girls, living on the road to ruin, lost girls, never knowing what they’re doing, lost girls
When is she coming home she’s been away so long

All the freaks that stick like glue
Suck the breath right out of you

You shiver when you feel their touch
Your not in love its just a crush

Then one day the tables turn and
You’re the one who has to burn the bridges and the promises you made

Girls, living on the road to ruin lost girls, never knowing what they’re doing, lost girls
When is she coming home she’s been away so long

Superstitious fascinating when she calls my pulse is racing
Can’t explain the cause and effect she has on me
Strung out bare and anorexic she come back just like a bad check
Flat denies that she creates this negativity

Girls living on the edge of someday, lost girls, never have to work on Monday, lost girls. She’s never coming home she’s been away to long
Track Name: Studio Voodoo - Retrospect
Fleeting moments one just went by
Time lives on but chances they die

Some come without warning some come I disguise
Beneath our noses in front of our eyes

I should have done this I should have said that
And I know I would have if I could get time back

But whether it’s real or just in my mind
My life seems set 6 seconds behind

And when opportunity knocks from what I can tell
It doesn’t pound on the door or use the doorbell
It’s a light tap that my fear has to check
Through the peephole of time we call retrospect

So before so little arrives to late
Ill play a pawn with my ego and be a victim of fate
Because as soon as I stop spending time thinking twice
The sooner I began to start my new life
Stop thinking twice, start living life
Track Name: Lies
I got to lie to you
I got to lie to me
The truth is all theses lies
Are all that I believe

When I was three I was on my knees
Praying to heaven above
Salvation, damnation holy ghost
Born into sin this was your love

Seventeen, she’s a living dream
Our love will never die
She says to me she will never leave
She holds me tight and tells me a lie

At thirty-five I stay alive
by cunning and deceit
You have to be trusted by the people you lie to
To survive on the street

Old and alone these lies comfort me now
Truth is these lies are all I believe
What I tell you or tell myself
What does it matter who I deceive

(Chorus out)
I’ve got to lie to you
You’ve got to be trusted by the people you lie to
I got to lie to me
Like a shadow in the night I can see right through you
And the truth is all theses lies
Are all that I believe